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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Archive Celebrities: Dana Rosemary Scallon

Dana Rosemary Scallon was an Irish songstress from the 70's and then later in her life, a politician. She won the Eurovision competition in 1970 with the song "All Kinds of Everything"

She returned to Ireland triumphant-the first Irish contender to win the competition at only 18 years old.
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In 1997 she decided to run for President, a move that may have been inspired by her meeting with President Eamon DeValera in March of 1970.

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Dana went on after her Eurovision success to become one of the best selling Catholic and commercial artists.
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Her devotion to the Catholic religion was prevalent in much of her music, one example being her tribute to Pope John Paul II "Totus Tuus".

Although Dana's life became plagued with scandal after fame and attempts to become President, she will always remain Ireland's sweetheart.

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