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Monday, 17 December 2012

Digitizing the Archive

A highly readable blog post by Sarah Jacobs  details the work of Lensmen photographic agency, much of which involves digitizing a substantial archive containing over two million images.

Jacobs asks:

When you’ve acquired an historic archive with over 2 million images that includes The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and JFK, where do you begin when it comes to digitizing, securing, uploading, distributing and marketing the work?

With the help of Susan Kennedy and Sean Walsh, owners of this remarkable archive, Sarah Jacobs guides her reader through the history and current work of the enterprise.

Susan Kennedy and Sean Walsh 

Amongst recent highpoints in the company’s evolution was what Susan Kennedy described as ‘a highly successful red carpet film première of Charlie is my darling.’ Shortly after this event Taoiseach Enda Kenny launched the Lensmen book, The 1950s: Ireland in Pictures.