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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Dreamliner is something of a nightmare.

The international aviation industry has been hit by an air safety problem which has led to a number of countries temporarily withdrawing the Boeing 787 Dreamliner from service.

The carrier only came into service last October.

It followed a decision by US authorities to call a halt to fights by the flagship plane. The BBC reports that European regulators have also called for the Dreamliner to be grounded.

Boeing has maintained that the planes pose no safety hazard. Yet despite its short life span in the industry the carrier has experienced a range of faults, the most serious of which has been traced to battery malfunction.

Fifty of the state of the art models have been bought by countries including India and Japan. Ireland however does not have any in its current fleet.

Plane arriving at Dublin Airport in 1974 carrying the Australian Prime Minister

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