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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Flash Burgers not Available

The horse burger scandal has not been all doom and gloom as two London teenagers showed when they served up a laugh at the expense of the food chain retailer Tesco, which has been at the center of media attention over the issue.

In addition to providing raw material for humorists the scandal might yet be a cloud that has a silver lining if one English publican has his way.

Russell Proctor who is landlord at The George Inn In Northamptonshire hopes to serve up burgers with a meat content as high as 100%.

We serve our own home-made burgers and the customers were joking about how much horse was in them. I said I would get some in so they could try it. I suspect some of them might pull out on the night. It is a one-off at the moment, but if it goes well, we will do it again. There’s no problem with eating horse as long as people know what they are eating.

Included on the menu are The burgers will be served from 6pm tomorrow and will be priced around £7. The varieties include a plain Red Rum, Shergar and Nijinski burgers.

Fortunately, there will be no Flash Burger. The famous Irish race horse Another Flash had long expired before ending up between two burger baps.

Another Flash winner of the 1960 Cheltenham Champion Hurdle

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