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Friday, 5 July 2013

Bankers Booked

Yesterday a small group of protesters gathered throughout the afternoon outside Dail Eireann in protest at the kleptocratic culture that mushroomed in Ireland under the Celtic Tiger, the public face of which in recent times has become the bankers.

Book The Bankers protest outside Dail Eireann on 4/07/2013

Protests in the same location against the banks have taken place in the past.

What made this one different is that atypical for street protests there were no people standing on soap boxes pushing a political agenda. It was a silent protest. Each protester came as an equal, a book in hand, which they stood reading as part of a silent protest named Book The Bankers by the people who made the initial call for a rally. Amongst the books on display were Banksters and Nineteen Eighty Four.

Quieter Times: 16th Dail Reopens at Leinster House, 20/03/1957

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