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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Unsafe Passage

Despite the public's taken for granted expectation to travel safely by road or rail and end up in one piece at their destination, events in recent weeks in Continental Europe serve as grim reminders of the hazards that sometimes face travellers and beg us to consider whether the requisite level of safety awareness is at the centre of the minds of the people tasked with operating the vehicles in which we travel. When a fatal car crash occurs the deaths are usually low. In trains and buses they can be significantly higher.

After the Spanish rail disaster which claimed around 80 lives, Italy fell prey to a transport disaster when a coach carrying pilgrims to Naples plummeted into a ravine, leaving almost 40 dead.

Ireland's bus service has not been fatality free. In March 2005 an incident involving a school bus saw five pupils on bard the vehicle lose their lives.

CIE Bus in Dodder River after a crash in 1996. 

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