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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Garda Uniform Call

In the midst of its woes over the taping scandal the Association of Garda Sergeant and Inspectors (AGSI) delegates have managed to divert their time to more mundane matters such as the garda uniform. 

At its annual conference in Kerry the Association unanimously backed a motion calling for the Garda Reserve to be issued with a different uniform so that the public can distinguish them from full time members of the force.
Eddie Golden of Cork north argued: 
To a member of the public attending a major event or socializing in any town or city we feel that the only differentiation at present is the GR on the epaulettes in front of the divisional number and we do not believe that is enough … This, to the public at large, means absolutely nothing. Even to a supervisory member at a large event at a distance, they can’t be easily seen. Garda Reserves are indistinguishable to the majority by virtue of wearing identical uniform to the full time members.

Garda at Green Street Court bomb blast, July 1976.

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