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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Election 2001 Team Labour

Eamonn Gilmore has resigned as the leader of he Labour Party in the wake of his party's crushing humiliation in the recent elections.

The departure has been on the cards. Under Gilmore's leadership Labour quickly became an austerity party and were ultimately held responsible for savaging the most vulnerable sections of society. One blogger summed up Labour under Gilmore's leadership:
Perhaps, or perhaps they were a generation of politicians just too wedded to getting into government at pretty much any cost, too wedded to staying there, not wedded at all to questioning why they were, what they were seeking to achieve, what they wanted at the end of the process, and suggesting that ‘responsibility’ (very evident in a very shook Gilmore’s non-apologia) was enough was to completely misunderstand the nature of political activity. 

It has been suggested that one way a party can self-destruct is to go into government.

Labour have confirmed that much.

Workers Party Commemoration Of James
Larkin.7th February 1987 attended by Eamonn Gilmore.

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