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Monday, 1 September 2014

20th Anniversary of IRA Ceasefire

Twenty years ago today saw the first day of the Provisional IRA ceasefire, details of which had been conveyed to RTE the day previous in Dublin.

Having waged an armed campaign against the British state's presence in the North of Ireland for the best part of 24 years the organisation was initiating its most significant move to date in the process of winding down its armed struggle without its goals having been met.

The Provisional IRA was the source of many major news stories throughout the previous two and a half decades. Responsible for many of the conflict deaths its volunteers probably gained more public sympathy when they were dying on hunger strike in the North's prisons in 1981 than taking the lives of others.

IRA members were also involved in many sensational jail breaks both North and South.

15th July 1976. Damage caused to the Special Criminal Court, Green Street after it was hit by two bombs during an IRA escape bid. 

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