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Friday, 13 February 2015

Gael Linn & the Gaeltacht

Gael Linn was an organization set up in the 1950s to try and revitalize the Irish language. It started by raising funds through a lottery system based on results from the Gaelic Games, which it used to create films, radio programmes and magazines.

Gael Linn also became involved in improving the economic development of Gaeltacht areas. Gaelic speakers consistently ranked lower than average in terms of income, and the Gaeltacht areas suffered greatly from the impact of emigration.

Michael Canabhain (Ard Mhoir, Carna) right, learning the tricks of the trade from two neighbours,
Mac Dara and Michael Ó Fleartaigh
14 May 1959
As part of this regeneration of the Gaeltacht, Gael Linn set up a fish and vegetable processing plant in Carna, Co. Galway. They also provided five fishing boats on a purchase-lease scheme to local fisherman, and invested in oyster beds to supply the factory.

Seosam Ó hÚaithnim of Mas (Carna) getting advice on his pea crop from
Department of Agriculture inspector, Tomas Ó Bruadair
14 May 1959
To mark the preparations for the processing plant, Gael Linn commissioned Lenmen Photographic Agency to photograph the families involved receiving the assistance. These included Sean and Padraig O Cheoinin, Mac Dara and Michael O Fleartaigh, and Peter, Marcin and Joseph Clogherty.

Tomas O Bruadair, an inspector from the Department of Agriculture, was on hand to give advice on crops and soil preparation, while steel lobster pots were given to some farmers to replace their traditional wooden traps.

86-year-old Peter Cloherty rests while his son Marcin works on raw timber
14 May 1959

Since this series of photographs were uploaded to the Irish Photo Archive website, we have had a lot of feedback from people that know the area and the families. But if you see anything in the captions that still needs to be corrected, feel free to get in touch on and let us know.

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