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Friday, 13 November 2015

Happy Customer in France

Cathie in Perpignan France found this unique image that brought her back to a Happy Day in Dublin 

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JFK Passing O'Flynn's Barbers O'Connell Street 26/6/1963
Hi Sean,
Thank you so much for the swift arrival of my wonderful photo. 

I can tell you where it has taken me.
Im 4, standing with my dad in the doorway of my dad’s barber shop...and I saw nothing because of the crowds. 
I didn’t care, I got an ice cream from Fortes shop next door to celebrate the moment. 
A 99 with bright red syrup.
Who passed? I don't know..... two men in a big car and a man with sunglasses.
But I'm there.

Thank you.

you MUST advertise this service for Christmas; What a super idea as a present (and lets face it, who remembers whet they got last year!!) 
Imagine getting a photo of some big occasion, newsworthy event.... of the year you were born... 
I bet if you put all the BIG moments from each year (from the 30s onwards) that people would love a super print and the lovely cert along with it.
My photo is now framed, and on my wall. Ive no doubt people may think Im a real traditional Irish woman with Kennedy and Dev on the wall (all I'm missing is the Pope) !!
Do I care?
Cathie O Flynn

Thanks Cathie: You have brought a smile to my face in an overcast Ireland today, There was a time when every home in Ireland had a picture of the Pope or The Queen but never Both other options were Big Ian or JFK.
We now have a wide choice of iconic Photographic Decor to suit the more cosmopolitan and informed times we live, as you say there is an image to suit everyone in our collection of B&W Fine Art Prints and a 4 day turnaround to the Sunny South of France ensures we will have your choice any where in the world in time to make a happy Christmas Memory.

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