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Friday, 7 March 2014


Thomas McFeely, the developer behind the Priory Hall construction scandal, has denied that the building in North Dublin which had to be evacuated in 2011 because of fire safety concerns was the product of shoddy work practices. In A BBC Spotlight interview McFeely defended his building ethic, arguing that Priory Hall was much the same as most other developments that rose up during the boom years of the Celtic Tiger.

McFeely was later criticised for disparaging remarks made during his Spotlight interview about the late Fiachra Daly, who along with his family were forced to flee the building. McFeely also claimed the building should never have been closed as it was not a firetrap.

March 1963: Building work Commences - President Devalera lays the foundation stone of the new Abbey Theatre, on the
site of the old theatre which burned down. On the left is the architect Mr
Michael Scott.

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