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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

St Pat's Day Controversy in New York

New York mayor, Bill de Blasio, has clashed with the organisers of the Patrick’s Day parade in New York over the decision by the parade committee to ban the participation of a gay contingent. The Guardian has described the fault line as one separating “tolerant and modern” from “bigoted and antiquated.”

The Parade Committee rejects this characterisation claiming it 'is not anti-homosexual, it merely wants to prevent people carrying signs that affirm homosexuality.'

The parade a yearly feature since 1762, is expected to draw a million onlookers. The participation of a gay contingent has been banned since 1992 after abuse was hurled at gays taking part in the parade from bystanders.

The US Supreme Court in 1995 upheld the right of parade organisers to decide who could or could not take part. De Blasio firmed up his position by attending a a St Pat’s Day for All Parade in New York.

17 March 1964
St. Patrick's Day Parade, Dublin. Areling-Porter 1923 steam roller in the
parade on Westmoreland Street.

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