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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Fairytales of New York!

Finally, the much anticipated pictures from our New York Trip!
Photo Credit!
This is Susan Kennedy and Sean Walsh, the owners and operators of our little archive, posing at the film premier of Charlie is My Darling-Ireland 1965.

There are millions of things to do and see in New York; it would take a lifetime to do them all! All things considered, we did pretty well. Our favorite was obviously going to the New York Film Festival!

However that's not to say that the Empire State Building and Ellis Island weren't absolutely incredible as well.
Note: Not our photo ; P
We also snuck in a few Irish pubs here and there (shocking), one of which had only recently opened. We had an interesting conversation with the barman/owner there. He was talking about how difficult it is to find decoration for the walls of the pub. The bar itself was well put together but the walls were a little bland and he wanted decoration that would celebrate the Irish roots of the pub.

How serendipitous! Irish Photo Archive to the rescue! We gave him our card and he was pleased to get such an easy solution to his problem but that makes us wonder, how many other bars have tragically naked walls because it takes so much time and energy to find decent decoration?

We've done our research (hard work) and there are more than a few bars with sparse decoration. What is this epidemic?! We're interested in your thoughts-are there naked walls where you're at?! Send us pictures via twitter or facebook and we'll see if with our powers combined we can't remedy the situation!