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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Irish Castles, Shows and Launches

Hello Everyone!

Had an amazing Monday night watching The Picture of Dorian Gray at the Abbey Theatre! Coincidentally, it's Oscar Wilde's birthday, so happy birthday and great show!
Dublin Theatre Fest for life!!!

Halloween is coming up! I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to dress up (I'm totally going to) or I guess it depends on whether or not someone throws a Halloween party (I'm dressing up regardless). I'm thinking this for a costume:
It's Dobby!
Ok so maybe not but I want to be something castle themed because there are so many castles in Ireland! It's weird, coming from America where I believe the only castle we have is Disney Castle, to turn a corner and basically run into a castle. 
Kilkea Castle, Co Kildare
Picture of an Irish castle from our archive! Super Halloweeny : ) The images of the Irish countryside and castles that we have in our archive are absolutely amazing. Not all of them remind me of Halloween (Just the castles) but some of them absolutely scream Irish countryside to me:
Irish Ponies!!!
How amazing is this photo?!?! A Connemara mare and her foal in Malahide, just looking fantastic and adorable on the beach. Touch√© Ireland, touch√©. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Irish geography:

Google maps!
Connemara is the green dot on the left and Malahide, Dublin is on the right! It takes about four hours to drive from one to the other and the Irish pony pictures were taken in Dublin although they are Connemara ponies. I've linked the photo captions to the website so you can see all the pony and castle pictures you desire! Ten year old me would be so proud : P

Halloween idea?
I'm freaking out about our book launch November 6th! I'm going to get all artsy and dressed up and meet and greet until I die from either happiness or the unreasonable heels I probably will be wearing. It's going to be quite the event as well, the venue is the Royal Hiberno Academy which is an amazing art gallery-I scoped it yesterday. The Taoiseach of Ireland, Enda Kenny is going to say a few words at the launch and it is going to be really really cool to meet the Head of the Irish Government, what what!
(© Getty)
I'll keep you updated on the absolute drama of trying to throw a book launch, it will be like our own little reality show here at Irish Photo Archive! : D That's it for now folks, signing out and wishing you a marvelous Tuesday!