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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Halloweeeeeeen and things!

Happy Halloween everyone! Here at the office we are very excited to see the kids in their costumes! I love when people get inventive with what they wear--much better than just going with the ol dependable white sheet!
Photo cred!
Way to make an effort there! I've seen pictures of this costume a couple times while browsing the web and it cracks me up every time:
There's some commitment to the holiday if I ever saw some! This being said, however, not many of us have much time to throw together such a complicated costume, myself included. Because I've been so busy with the movie premier and the book launch I haven't even decorated yet and I feel a little terrible about that. However, Pinterest to the rescue! I was perusing pinterest the other day and I saw the cutest Halloween decorating idea that uses only toilet paper rolls and glowsticks! It's cheap, it's easy and it's on my creative level.
Thrifty Crafty Girl
Absolutely easy and amazing!!

John the intern and I spent a large portion of our day fixing the categories on the Irish Photo Archive website (you're welcome). Hurricane Sandy knocked out the power to our website provider and sent our folders and files spinning! Things have settled down now a tiny bit over here about the messy categories but they're just heating up about the "Charlie is My Darling-Ireland 1965" film premier tomorrow! We are very excited to attend and to pay homage to those glorious gods of rock and roll: The Rolling Stones.

Then next week things get even crazier as we put on the exhibition for our new book "The 1950's Ireland in Pictures"! Woohoo! We have a lot to finish up on that but we are excited and we are ready for the challenge!

Have a very safe and very fun Halloween everyone!