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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Trial and Error

Crafting is just as difficult as I remember.

Slightly disappointing update on the crafting, I've only finished the first coat of paint because it definitely took more than one drink to dry and we just got internet yesterday so I was a little distracted!  : P
I took some terrible photobooth pictures of the supplies I used and I've listed how much they cost and where I got them. That way if you find yourself in Dublin and you have a burning need to create this little craft you'll know where to get the supplies!

Woohoo Supplies! 

I went to several shops to try and find all the things but Euro Saver was the best for the random assortment of supplies I needed.

Euro Saver:
Frame 3.50
Paint brush 1.50
Dry erase 1.49
Antique Pine paint 2.50

Euro Shop:
Yin’er scourer pads 1.00

O’Briens Hardware Store:
Paintbrush 1.90
Black gloss paint 3.90
Small screws….?

O'Briens Hardware Store was very cute and the lady behind the counter was super nice, I'm not sure how much the little screws were but they couldn't have been that expensive-I don't think I spent more than six€ at the store.

Slight win with the painting of the frame. Nothing terrible happened but it didn’t turn out like the pictures and I'm shocked! : P The varnish I got is just like a primer or a coat of shiny or something so it doesn’t look old and loved it just looks extra new and nice. It was super sticky and stinky and took forever to dry so that was the extent of accomplishment last night : P Meh. No one got hurt and I didn’t spill paint everywhere so I’m going to consider it a win.
Super shiny!
 I'm going to try and use the scrubbers to make it look a little dirtier but that may backfire terribly.

Also. Slight modification on the optional beverage, I’m drinking Harp because making crafts and going through the extremely torturous process of trying to find margarita mix in Dublin just seems like too much for one day. 

Make sure to open a window when you’re painting because this was extremely smelly.

Don’t know if I’ll still need the scrubby sanders substitute but I’m going to use them anyway cause I bought them and they cost a whole dollar!!!!!! : P

Tonight I'm going to try and conquer the lettering, I think that's going to entail me penciling in the letters and then tracing them with the marker and then painting them. You'll be pleased to know that I've chosen "Home is Where Your Keys Work". It fits nicely on the frame--'Home is' will go on the left panel, 'where' goes on the top panel 'your keys' goes on the right panel and 'work' on the bottom.