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Monday, 8 October 2012

Historically Speaking

Happy Anniversary of the 1871 Chicago Great Fire!

Though I'm not sure 'happy' is the most appropriate way to describe that type of anniversary. And technically it would be tonight. Ah well, here's a cow anyway:

Not the Original Offender
Poor Ms. O'Leary's cow! Legend has it that the cow kicked over a lantern in Ms. O'Leary's barn and that's what set the town ablaze. Other accounts say that it can't possibly be proven and that all cows should be innocent until proven guilty. Overall, I think it's safe to say that too many people have spent too much time trying to decide the culpability of the cow.

Our crafts have hit a slight bump in the road. Not the funny 'what have you done to that poor piece of cloth' or 'how in the world did you manage to maim yourself with a single sewing needle' sort of bump in the road but more the 'wait, where do I buy crafts and how much do they cost?' sort of issue. I promise to have it handled by Wednesday! I'm optimistic that things will go swimmingly by then and I've got the internet on my side anyway so I should be able to figure it out.

This is my plan for the initial craft, it was shown in an earlier post:

My little apartment has a lot of greens and reds and whites so I was thinking that I'll use bright paint for the frame to help it stand out. I believe that is called an 'accent piece' in the art world : P
However, as always, I'm not really sure what I should go for. It would also look really nice to keep the frame a neutral color and then do a lot of color on the inside. Advice is always very welcome and very much encouraged, don't make me do it alone!

I also am going to avoid doubling up on my crafting by simply buying something to decorate the corner of the frame with. I don't know if the right side of my brain can handle the additional stress of trying to make a little felt flower : P

I've been categorizing all the photos on our extremely extensive archive (you're welcome) and it's amazing seeing some of the pictures. Some of the things in the photos have changed so much-hairstyles, clothing, technology-and others look exactly the same.

I absolutely love this picture. It's 1961 on Grafton Street and it's obviously Christmastime. The Wine and Coffee Bar sign looks so out of place on an otherwise very familiar street. I love it, I absolutely love it. Though I suppose my recent (re)obsession with Midnight in Paris may have something to do with that. Pictures are the best for that kind of nostalgia (unless you can go back in time...that would obviously be the best) because they are like little windows into the past. I've always enjoyed the simple, subtle poetry of framing pictures similar to how you frame windows.

But let's not start talking about Christmas just yet--we have several holidays to make it through, waistlines and wallets intact, before we can start to absolutely explode with Christmas crazy. But we'll get there, and just imagine the crafts when we do!!

Countdown to Crafty: T-2 days!