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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

History of the Archive

Hello all,

With all of these changes happening (the leaves, the American government, our Book Release!) we thought that we would take it back to basics. Back sixty years ago of when our little company began with a couple very young and very talented photographers: Andy Farren and Padraig MacBrian.

These young men started a legacy that we all can appreciate and benefit from and today we are doing our best to get the word out about their incredible efforts and photos. The Irish Photo Archive is a tribute not only to their abilities as photographers but as highly organized individuals, as their diaries are the only reason we are able to caption those photos with any kind of efficiency.

The archive came into our hands when we bought the photography company, Lensmen Photographic Agency. At the time we had little inclination to go through all of the boxes stored on and under tables throughout multiple buildings and on multiple floors of those buildings! However, after the fall of the Celtic Tiger we found we had more time on our hands and then began our story.

Out of these boxes we pulled decades worth of memories and history. Today, after scanning them and cleaning them up, we have been able to compile these precious pieces of Irish history into photographic books. Our first book, The 1960s Ireland in Pictures took us through celebrity visits, political events and cultural festivals.
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The book introduced us to President Kennedy during his visit in 1963 and then reminded us of his untimely and tragic death later that year. Andy and Padraig beautifully documented countless celebrity visits.
Eamon De Valera and John Fitzgerald Kennedy
The 1950's book takes us back even further into Irish history and we are very pleased to announce that we will be having a book launch to celebrate the completion of The 1950s Ireland in Pictures on November 6th.
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We are incredibly proud of the Irish Photo Archive and hope that you take it upon yourselves to go to our website and have a look around at our photographic history of Ireland.