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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Glass Plate were a great medium to capture quality images but it required a skilled photographer and a lot of care in the steps following the shoot to reproduce the image in the required media real professional from the 1950s Lensmen Photographers went on a job with 4 plates and came back with the image required they were more like marks men than the machine gun methods used today, we shoot hundreds of shots and get lucky with a couple!
Thanks to these professionals and there great work we are privilege to have access to a collection of top quality images that would match or beat what is been produced today with very high tech equipment and lighting. We can scan the images and make them available in every corner of the world at a click. This is a concept that the photographer in the 50s and 60s would have loved to have access to.
Lensmen, Ireland's premier photographers, was established in 1952 by Andrew Farren and Padraig MacBrian Lensmen continues on well into the new millennium thanks to Susan Kennedy who purchased the business in 1996 and has weathered the storm of change and recession to evolve the business into a complete service including video and time laps  are saving this great collection in digital format so it can be viewed on line all sales proceeds are reinvested in this project.