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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Overshadow at 1953 Irish Grand National

A lovely gentleman, Gavin Regan, contacted me yesterday. Gavin was referred to us by the National Photographic Archive and was hoping we might be able to help him!
He was trying to finding out if there were any photographs available from the 1953 Irish Grand National.  The winning jockey was a man called Albert Power and the winning horse was called Overshadow.  Albert Power was Gavin’s wife's Grandfather and he is trying to source any material detailing Power’s victory in the race.  After a lengthy search through the ledgers under ‘F’ for Fairyhouse, ‘G’ for Grand National, ‘H’ for Horseracing, ‘R’ for Racing I finally found it under ‘E’ for Easter Monday Racing at Fairyhouse!!! It seems Andy and Padraig (the original photographers) were determined to make me work for results!

In the end we had a happy outcome and found six glass plates with the images Gavin was looking for! I’m thrilled to have been able to help! It makes my day when I can find images that mean so much to people!  You can view the photos at: Overshadow at Irish Grand National 

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